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How does a solar system work?

Simply put, solar panels produce electricity the same way plants harness the suns energy. Through a chemical reaction, photo voltaic cells produce current to which we then store in a battery bank for usable energy.

What kind of warrantee do your products have?

We carry products that range from the highest quality on the market to affordable solutions for any budget. The warranty can range from 3-15 years, depending on the system installed.

What kind of maintenance can I expect?

Battery maintenance is as easy as filling you washer fluid in your car with a bit more care. Panels are maintenance free. Snow will affect their output, but not render them useless. We have options that can rid the end user of virtually all maintenance. A maintenance program can also be set up through Liveoffgrid.ca

With the wild weather in our area, how do the products stand up?

Panels are designed to withstand hail and high winds. Inverters can be rated up to -40deg C and batteries installed in an insulated compartment and wont' freeze if a charge is still being delivered from PV.

How long do you stand behind your systems?

We do not leave a system without commissioning each component to it's maximum efficiency. In the event of a warranty claim, we will provide solutions to keep your system in full production until warranty is dealt.* *sSystem must be purchased in full from Liveoffgrid.ca in order to maximize complete service.*


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